Come explore Ubud with the tourist attraction of Bali Swing

Bali swing in Bongkasa village is a new recreation or adventure tourism in Bali. This swing is quite attractive for those who want to feel a challenge and test their guts. Indeed, enjoying various challenges including the beautiful natural charm of the island of the Gods of Bali, of course, you have often been spoiled by the natural beauty of the beach including the cool nature of the mountains, lakes and waterfalls on this island.

What Bali Swing actually offers, as the name suggests Swing is a swing, so the tour here is to enjoy the swing. The game is reminiscent of playing childhood and swing is one of the games that is quite favorite. In this Bongkasa village, Bali Swing is the pioneer of swing tourism, which is now widely scattered in this village

Make sure Bali swing is one of the trips on your travel list while on vacation in Bali