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Ubud Holiday Packages

Are you in search of a little spiritual and physical healing? Then head for a holiday in Ubud, where you’re sure to feel good vibes. This tiny town on the island of Bali has a big reputation—Ubud is known for its healing surroundings, free-spirited atmosphere and thriving arts scene. Spas, museums and galleries dot the streets, and if you’re not sure where you start, you can always consult with a Balinese healer.

Things to Do in Ubud

There's more to do in Ubud than take yoga classes or get a massage. Ubud is Bali's cultural centre, so you'll definitely want to check out unique local art and museums like the Blanco Renaissance Museum, where you can see the eccentric art of Don Antonio Blanco, plus a picture of him with Michael Jackson! Then unleash your own creativity at art classes and workshops at the local galleries. When you've had your fill of art, head out to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary to get your nature fix. This lush nature reserve is home to 600 mischievous long-tailed macaques and three Hindu temples.
A little farther out, you'll find the beautiful and iconic Tegalalang Rice Terraces, a perfect spot to take that new profile pic. Reserve an Ubud car hire ahead of time to reach this stunning site with no problems. Another destination that you'll need a car to check out is Pura Goa Lawah, or Bat Cave Temple. This space is home to hundreds of bats—but no Batman, unfortunately—and sits across the road from a beautiful black sand beach.

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

Don’t leave Bali without visiting the Ubud Art Market for at least a few inexpensive but beautiful local handicrafts. This market is one of the best places to find that special souvenir you've been looking for. After you're done shopping, head across the street to Ubud Palace, where you can see wonderful examples of ancient Balinese architecture. The palace is also a great place to see a traditional and colourful Balinese dance performance. Just watching those moves is bound to make you hungry (or dizzy!), but you’re in luck; food in Ubud is, for the most part, fresh and inexpensive, and there are many restaurants that cater to diners with special requirements, including vegans and vegetarians. And, of course, there are plenty of warungs, or roadside dining spots, where you can sample the local street fare.
When it comes to nightlife, if you’re ready to get your party on, you may prefer packages to Kuta, Bali’s raving resort town. Ubud holidays aren’t known to cater to night owls, though there are a few spots where you can see a live performance. There are also a number of pubs where you can chill out with your mates and make new friends, too.
What's Next?

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Ubud Holiday Packages

Are you in search of a little spiritual and physical healing? Then head for a holiday in Ubud, where you’re sure to feel good vibes...