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Jimbaran Holiday Packages

Bali mainland is beautiful Jimbaran Beach and Bay. Luxurious hotels dot the blue-green coastline and sandy beaches, blending with tropical forests to create a paradise unlike any other. Whether you’re going on holiday to shop, party, dine or relax while taking in new sights, sounds and experiences…or a little of all of the above…Jimbaran has everything you need to make your holiday complete.

Things to Do In Jimbaran

From surfing the Bali waves to touring ancient temples, every minute on holiday in Jimbaran is filled with excitement and adventure. Visit one of Bali's greatest surf spots, Padang Padang Beach. To reach this noble place in surfing lore, travel down a staircase through a hollow rock formation. Local vendors serve island fare right on the sand, so you can enjoy great cuisine while watching advanced surfers ride barrel waves. Just magic!
Travellers on holiday can choose from a variety of guided sightseeing excursions, including safaris as well as tours based around the area’s history and, of course, food.

Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

You may not have looked at Jimbaran holiday packages with shopping in mind, but if you love a little bit of retail therapy, you'll definitely enjoy your options here. Choose from familiar shopping centre environments like Jimbaran Corner, where you’ll find with high-end goods and everything else you might need. You’ll also stumble across fine roasted coffee shops, jewellery stores featuring locally farmed and harvested pearls, authentic fish markets and various specialty boutiques, where you’re sure to find many items that will allow you to fondly remember your holiday for years to come.
Whatever you crave, you'll find it on menus throughout Jimbaran. Indoor and outdoor dining at five-star hotels and roadside stands offer cold drinks, new tastes and island favourites to foodies from all walks of life visiting the vibrant island. Sample a variety of dishes, including Wagyu beef, vegetarian cuisine, seafood cafe fare and flavours from all around the globe.
When looking for a Jimbaran package deals, you might also be looking for a great nightlife to help you unwind and let loose on your getaway. Food and drink are often accompanied by live music and entertainment long after the sun goes down on the picturesque coastline. Have a cocktail on a clifftop bar, dance until morning to the tunes DJs spin at beach clubs, or take in an acclaimed show at an ancient Bali temple.

What's Next?

Does Jimbaran sound like the perfect place for you? other destinations. If you want it, chances are we’ve got it. So whether you’re travelling with the family, on a romantic escape, with a close group of friends or are simply riding solo, plan the perfect Jimbaran holiday package with Nyoman Bali Driver.

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