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Denpasar Holiday Packages

Denpasar is the capital of and the gateway through which most of Bali's tourists arrive. You can easily fly into Denpasar International Airport—also known as Ngurah Rai International Airport—which is just 15 km from the city. Denpasar is far more than just an entry point, though. It’s also the site of many festivals, including the well-known, month-long Bali Art Festival. Held during the summer, this colourful event is a showcase of Bali's music, traditional dances and contemporary performances. When you book one of our Denpasar packages, you’ll just be a short hop away from the holiday of a lifetime.

Things to Do in Denpasar

One of the best places to start your Denpasar holiday is at the Bali Provincial Public Museum, where you will find more than 10,000 exhibits and artefacts relating to Bali and its history. Afterwards, head over to Puputan Park, a popular gathering spot for locals. If you'd prefer to spend time outside of the city centre, take a trip to Serangan Island, located at the southern tip of the city. Here, you can make friends with the inhabitants at the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre, a sanctuary for injured sea turtles. For a fee, you can even adopt and then release a turtle into the sea. Amazing!
Ready to spend even more time at the beach? Grab a towel and look into Denpasar holiday packages that include Canggu in their itinerary. A small coastal village popular with ex-pats and surfers, Canggu is the perfect place to kick back and relax during your Bali excursion. Now, you probably aren’t going to walk to all these great places—you can, but we don’t necessarily recommend it—so we suggest booking one of Wotif’s Denpasar car rentals. Having your own car will give you the freedom to visit these and other sites in Bali.

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

One of the best places to see a slice of daily life in Denpasar is at the Badung Central Market, which is where the locals do their shopping. Denpasar is also home to several modern shopping malls, including Mal Bali, so you’ll have somewhere to snag a last-minute souvenir before you leave. For dinner, check out the Kereneng Night Market, where you'll find numerous vendors offering a variety of tantalising Balinese bites, including babi guling, which is a suckling pig dish. In comparison to party towns like Kuta, the nightlife in Denpasar is a little more subdued. But you won’t be left in the cold if you’re looking for something more lively; Denpasar has several dance clubs and numerous bars and pubs, so you won't be bored while in this city.

What's Next?

A trip to Bali is a special treat for your body and soul. If this magical island has been calling your name for a while, there's no time like the present to book a Denpasar holiday with Wotif. For the best value for your money, check out our Denpasar and nearby Canggu holiday packages, which bundle flights and hotels to unlock savings. Sounding like your cup of tea? Sounds like ours!

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